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MORE INFO >>> Ben Yehuda Street

At the heart of modern Jerusalem are the “pedestrianized” precincts of Ben Yehuda Street

MORE INFO >>>Caiapha’S house<<< MORE INFO

A church has been built over the place where the High Priest Caiaphas had his house. Jesus was kept here the night before He was crucified.


The Cardo was Jerusalem’s main thoroughfare in the Byzantine era.


The Church of All Nations is built next to the Gardens of Gethsemane, over the place where Jesus is said to have anguished in prayer.

MORE INFO >>> Church of Nativity <<< MORE INFO

The church is built over a cave which, according to tradition, is the stable where Jesus was born.

MORE INFO >>>Dead sea <<< MORE INFO

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth. Given the salt content, you can float without the fear of sinking.

MORE INFO >>>Dominus Flevit Church <<< MORE INFO

It is reputed that the Lord Jesus Christ wept over Jerusalem at this location.

MORE INFO >>> East Gate & Temple Mt <<< MORE INFO

The Eastern Gate is bricked closed with a cemetery in front of it. The Temple Mount with the El-Aksa Mosque and Dome of the Rock.

MORE INFO >>> Garden of Gethsemane <<< MORE INFO

Jesus and His disciples often went to theses gardens to be alone.

MORE INFO >>> Garden Tomb <<< MORE INFO

Situated to the north of the Damascus Gate and believed where Christ was buried.

MORE INFO >>> Yad Vashem (Holocaust Museum) <<< MORE INFO

An archive, research institute, museum and monument to perpetuate the memory of those killed during the Holocaust.

MORE INFO >>> Jerash <<< MORE INFO

One of the best preserved examples of a Roman City in the Middle East.

MORE INFO >>> Jericho <<< MORE INFO

It is the lowest city on earth and well-known from the teachings in the Old Testament.

MORE INFO >>> Jerusalem Scale Model <<< MORE INFO

The model gives a good perspective of the geography and layout of the ancient city of Jerusalem at the time of Christ.

MORE INFO >>> Jordan River <<< MORE INFO

The Yardnit Baptismal site where people opt to be  baptized.

MORE INFO >>> Masada <<< MORE INFO

Ruins from the period of Herod the Great.The

MORE INFO >>>Mount of Beatitudes and St Peters Primacy <<< MORE INFO

Where Jesus taught His Disciples and the multitudes and a basalt Franciscan chapel built on the site where Jesus Christ is said to have appeared to the Apostles after His resurrection.

MORE INFO >>> Mount of Olives <<< MORE INFO

From the Mt of Olives there is breath taking views of the Old City of Jerusalem, the Temple Mount and the East Gate.

MORE INFO >>> Mt of Temptation <<< MORE INFO

Location according to tradition where Christ was tempted by satan

MORE INFO >>>Nazareth <<< MORE INFO

Nazareth village illustrating life in the 1st century AD.

MORE INFO >>> Old City <<< MORE INFO

The Old City walls, Damascus Gate and the many shops in the different quarters.

MORE INFO >>> Pater Noster <<< MORE INFO

The place where Jesus is believed to have taught His disciples how to pray.


The ancient city of Petra is situated in the Valley of Moses (Wadi Musa).

MORE INFO >>> Pools of Bethesda <<< MORE INFO

The place where the Lord Jesus healed the man who had been paralysed for 38 years.


The location where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in a cave.

MORE INFO >>> Sea Level<<< MORE INFO

The road between Jerusalem and Jericho is well known for the story of the Good Samaritan. On the same route we find this sign.

MORE INFO >>> Sea of Galilee <<< MORE INFO

The sea of Galilee is referred to in many passages of scripture and Jesus performed many miracles in this area.

MORE INFO >>> Shepherds Fields <<< MORE INFO

The Shepherd’s Fields situated outside Bethlehem.

MORE INFO >>> Shrine of THE Book <<< MORE INFO

The Shrine of the Book was built to house the Dead Sea Scrolls.

MORE INFO >>> Via Dolorosa <<< MORE INFO

The route that the Lord Jesus walked to Golgotha is known as the Via Dolorosa.

MORE INFO >>> Western Wall <<< MORE INFO

The wall is part of the retaining wall of the Temple Mount and was  built by Herod the Great. The Western Wall is Judaism’s holiest site and the plaza in front of it is a permanent place of worship.

MORE INFO >>> Mount nebo <<< MORE INFO

On a tour of Jordan we will visit Mount Nebo.  The significance of Mount Nebo is best described in God’s Words in Deuteronomy 32:49.

MORE INFO >>> shobak castle <<< MORE INFO

Shobak Castle offers a reminder of former Crusader glory, an impressive castle in Jordan.

MORE INFO >>> wadi rum<<< MORE INFO

On tours to Jordan, one of the highlights is that ultimate Bedouin experience where we overnight in a Bedouin tent in the desert.

MORE INFO >>> madaba <<< MORE INFO

Our Jordan tours include a visit to Madaba where one can view the mosaic Madaba map, the oldest map in Palestine of the world.

MORE INFO >>> royal automobile museum <<< MORE INFO

During tours to Jordan, a visit to the Royal Automobile Museum in Amman, Jordan with its extensive collection of automobiles is always enjoyed.

MORE INFO >>> pools of siloam <<< MORE INFO

Siloam by interpretation means “sent”.  We read in John 9 of the account where Jesus saw a man who had been blind from birth.